Your friends won't believe this is non-dairy!

Here it is.....the fabulous, tasty, Follow Your Heart 'Vegan Gourmet, Monterey Jack' Non-Dairy Cheese. I love this product. Every time I serve it at a dinner party, folks ask where the cheese came from; it's so good, they say! But, remember, this is a high fat product, so use it every once in a blue moon - at a dinner party or for carnivores who believe that 'vegan' is tasteless.

To make this spread, take a block of the cheese, add 2 or 3 large minced garlic cloves (the more, the zippier; I love garlic!), and finish with some chopped fresh Italian herbs - I like thyme, oregano and basil or you can add the dried herbs if fresh aren't available. Process faux cheese, garlic and herbs in food processor till creamy. That's it. Quick, easy and tasty.

A great faux cheese dip that is sure to please, and have folks asking for more! Enjoy.