I love a good porridge to start the day. Good nutrition, healthy carbs, fiber, protein, and easy to do and filling, too! 
Yesterday, I made a batch of long grain brown rice in my rice cooker. I had some quinoa and steel cut oats leftover from the other day. So I mixed some brown rice with the quinoa and oats, added some almond milk to heat. While slowly heating, I added some raisins, and 2 T of ground flax seeds to the porridge, added more almond milk to make creamy. When ready to serve I topped with chopped pears, chopped walnuts, and cinnamon. Lovely! You can add other fruit. Usually I add frozen blueberries to all my porridge.

While porridge was simmering, I steamed some organic chopped fresh kale (supermarkets are now selling large bags of organic chopped kale - great for smoothies and quick dishes like this), when wilted, sprinkled with garlic powder and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. This is so good, you won't believe it.

Now, tell me, what better breakfast can you think of?