This dessert from our "Cancer Survivor's Guide" is low in fat, tastes like 'more', and is chock full of antioxidants, compliments from the dark, semi-sweet chocolate. Your guests will be surprised; mine always are! This makes a believer out of anyone who doubts that WFPB is boring and tasteless!

12 oz. low-fat silken tofu (in aseptic package)
3/4 milk non-dairy milk (I've used rice, almond and soy at different times. Each is good.)
1 tsp pure vanilla extract (You can also add 1/8 tsp peppermint extract to give it some zip.)
1 cp dark vegan semi-sweet chocolate pieces (I'm not a fan of carob. There's nothing like the real thing.)

Drain the tofu. Place in blender
Melt the chocolate in the non-dairy milk for 1 minute in microwave. Let sit for 30 seconds to melt.
Add that and the vanilla extract to the tofu. Blend very well.
Refrigerate and, when ready to serve, top with some colorful berries.