One of the healthiest soups on the planet! Miso originated in China around 800 BC. Ancient and contemporary healers consider 'Miso' a super food. Miso,a fermented soy product, is as delicious as it is medicinal. There are many ways to create 'Miso' soup. This recipe is quick, easy, nutritious and delicious!

For 2 servings:

4 cps low sodium vegetable broth or homemade broth
1/2 cp thinly sliced scallions
1/2 carrot, shredded
fresh ginger, grated on microplane (to taste) (I use about 1/2" slice fresh ginger)
Note: When I buy a wedge of fresh ginger, I grate the skin, then cut into wedges and keep in freezer.
3 T white miso (or your favorite miso; it comes in different flavors)
2 T wakame or dulse flakes (seaweed)

Bring broth to simmer. While it's coming to simmer, add the scallions, carrot, ginger and wakame or other seaweed. When soup is nice and hot, ladle about 1 cp in small bowl, add the miso and mix till miso is dissolved. Then add the miso into the soup. However, once miso has been added, DO NOT bring soup to a boil. That could destroy the healing benefits of the miso; just maintain a low, warm temp.

This soup has such a healing flavor. Besides the nutrients from the miso, the seaweed gives you some much needed iodine. You can also add some baby spinach or mushrooms or any veg of your choosing to the soup. And enjoy it for breakfast!