Food for Life and Private Plant Based Nutrition and Cooking classes for Health and Wellness. Come learn about the foods that both prevent disease and enhance survival for those living with chronic illness. Education, cooking demos, and then feasting on whole, plant based goodies. Come join me!

Virtual Food for Life Zoom Series 

Sponsored by Cancer Alliance of Naples

This 4-Week series is sponsored by Cancer Alliance of Naples.

Cancer Alliance is a non-profit that assists folks going through cancer treatment, and who are experiencing financial difficulties, with financial support. CAN also offers, besides our Food for Life classes, support groups, and fun days for families and children who are going through treatment.

Covid-19 has placed financial hardships on many businesses and non-profits. CAN is asking for a donation to attend these classes. 

To Register: Go to Facebook, search: Cancer Alliance of Naples, and you'll be directed to registration and how you can donate and support the wonderful work they do, AND to say thank you for bringing this vitally important health information to the public.


     Health, viruses, and compromising health conditions color the news every minute of our day. We're living in unprecedented times. Though there's no magic bullet to avoid Covid-19, save mask wearing, practicing social distancing, and listening to the science, research shows that folks with healthy, strong immune systems do better at avoiding the virus and fighting it off should it knock on their doors.

    Creating a healthy immune system has much to do with what we're putting on our forks. And we know from a wealth of research that what we choose to eat impacts a plethora of diseases - cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. Over the 4-weeks our program will cover a variety of nutrition health topics. Everything we share is science based. No fad diet talk here!

     So come join me in my home on Cape Cod to learn about the foods known to not only prevent cancer and other diseases, but can enhance survival, as well!

     Each week I'll share the recipes we'll be making the following week. Info will be posted on the Cancer Alliance Facebook page. Recipes will be posted on my website, too. Folks will have a choice to just listen, enjoy, and learn or cook along with me. Will be fun!! Our theme for the series: KICKSTART YOUR HEALTH FOR 2021!

     Post these dates, times, and themes on your frig. Get Ready to Zoom with me!!


January 28th, Thursday,  12 - 1:30 pm:                 Kickstart Your Health

February 4th, Thursday,    7 - 8:30 pm                   Foods that Fight Cancer

February 9th, Tuesday     10 - 11:30                       Giving Your Heart Some Lovin'

February 18th, Thursday,  6 - 7:30 pm                    Power Foods for the Brain


(Please note I've varied the days and times to accommodate different needs)



     Until, stay safe, healthy, and know that this, too, will pass!! Herd immunity is, hopefully, on the way with the vaccines. Let's focus on our health now, and be prepared to dance when Covid bids us adieu!


Joanne Irwin, M.Ed.

Food for Life Instructor