You might wonder why I'm including this recipe with 'Vegetables'. Well, it's a lovely side dish and since we consider 'veggies' sides, I'm allowing apples to sit beside them! 

My deceased sister-in-law, Irma, showed me this trick many years ago. 

Using whole,organic apples that have been washed, quarter the apples and put in saucepan with a little water to prevent burning. When I say 'whole' apples, I mean everything - skins, pits and cores. Leave nothing out. Then bring apples and water to a boil, and simmer till apples are soft. 

When apples are nice and soft, take them out with a slotted spoon so water drains, and put them in a wonderful old-fashioned food mill. Stir, stir, stir. All that wonderful fruit from the apples is pushed through to make fabulous, natural applesauce. 

And look what's left behind??? Nothing but the skin scraps, pits and cores. Everything gets used. No waste. (When I make an apple pie, I save all the peelings, pits and cores which make a hearty amount of applesauce, but be sure to use organic apples!! When using the leftover parts for apple pie, I'll throw in a whole apple or two if I need a big batch of applesauce.)